Cheston Beck's 78 Scout
Cheston Beck's 78 Scout Cheston bought the Scout on Ebay and flew cross coutry to Maryland to pick it up. With a picturesque view of the road through the rusted out floor pans, and at the cost of a U-joint in Iowa, he drove it home to Utah. His firts mods were the foors (of course) and a cage.

He went from 35s to 39s and on a dare, entered in Top Truck Challenge with no expectation of getting voted in. Of course, he was voted in. The opportunity was too temping to turn it down and risk not being voted in again. With 6 weeks to get ready, it was a frame, firewall, and nothing else!
Cheston Beck's 78 Scout Cheston Beck's 78 Scout
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"After a few of them broke I knew what I had to do. Call Ouverson."
He put a 460 in it, rebuilt the cage, 4 likned the front, and put some 44" Pitbulls under it. He loaded it up at 2am with no test time under his belt, and headed out. Like all great stories, nothing went right. The bumpstops in front failed and put his suspension through his oilpan and crushed the oil pump. A night filled with wrenching and a lot of help later, the Scout was up and running again. Againts all odds, the Scout finished the Tank Trap. " I was a TTC fan from the start and had it in mind when I bought the Scout" recalls Cheston.
Right after the Top Truck Challenge is when Cheston realized he need Ouverson. He sold some parts and bought 2 steering rockwells and new 47" Pitbulls and wheeled it hard for two years. A good roll over later and the Scout got the whole front end tubed, which enabled the Scout to hold 54s without raising the overall height. The roll over also cached the propane 460, and the switch was made to a EFI 460. After a trip to the Moab, the rig was more stable and capable. One problem. Broken stock Rockwell shafts with the new tires. "After a few of them broke I knew what I had to do. Call Ouverson."

"The scout is 90% where I want it to be. I want to swap the 54" Boggers for a set of 54" Mickey Thompson TTC claws. I want to get a set of Stazworks wheels, and I want a set of coilovers for the back suspension. And it will be DONE.

This has been a very budget minded build. I enjoy working on it almost as much as wheeling it. Thru the years Ive wanted to take all my parts and build a full tube buggy with them. Im glad I never did. This old Scout that I drove across the country, isnt going anywhere.....except the trails!"
Cheston Beck's 78 Scout

• 78 IH Scout Traveller
• Ford efi 460
• 1 very supportive and patient wife
• C6 transmission
• Black Box underdrive to a np205
• 2 steering rockwells with Ouverson gundrilled Violators
• EVO heims
• 54"boggers on double beadlock wheels
• 4 link suspension front and rear
• FOX coilovers up front, XJ coils in the rear

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